CHRIS D. (aka Chris Desjardins):
Chris D. (aka Chris Desjardins) was born in Riverside, California in 1953. He graduated with a master’s degree in film in 1977 from Loyola Marymount University. Inspired by the burgeoning punk rock scene, Chris switched from film to music for a number of years, working as an A&R man and in-house producer for Slash Records from 1980-1984. Chris D. has also been a singer/songwriter/producer on at least 20 albums for his own bands THE FLESH EATERS and DIVINE HORSEMEN between 1978-2003. His latest FLESH EATERS CD, “Miss Muerte”, was released in 2004 by Atavistic Records. (for info on available Flesh Eaters and Divine Horsemen releases, go to: As an actor, Chris has appeared in the films Border Radio (1987) (which was released on DVD by Criterion Collection in January 2007), No Way Out (1987) and most recently Tweeked (1999) and Double Deception (2001). Chris saw publication in 2005 of his book Outlaw Masters Of Japanese Film, published by IB Tauris, which features his essays & interviews with Japanese genre film directors from the 1960s-1990s. He recently finished work on an exhaustive study of Japanese yakuza films called Gun And Sword – An Encyclopedia of Japanese Gangster Films 1955-1980 which will be at long last issued in December 2012. I Pass For Human, which received limited festival release in 2004 and DVD release in 2006, was his feature film directorial debut. Chris worked as one of the programmers at The American Cinematheque in Los Angeles from 1999 to 2005, and the main programmer of The American Cinematheque’s Egyptian Theatre from 2006 through July 2009. He still resides in Los Angeles and is currently teaching film history classes part-time in San Francisco. In November 2009, he saw publication of a mammoth 500+ page anthology of his song lyrics, poetry, dream journal entries, short stories and excerpts from as-yet-unpublished novels called A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die from New Texture Books. His new novel, No Evil Star, and collection, Dragon Wheel Splendor and Other Love Stories of Violence and Dread were published in February 2012, both from New Texture.